Books We Have Read

2011 Books
Feb   A Quest for More              Paul David Tripp
Mar   Growing Your Faith            Jerry Bridges
Apr   Loving Christ                 Joseph Stowell
May   The Radical Disciple          John Stott
Jun   The Jesus Way                 Eugene Peterson
Jul   Soul Salsa                    Leonard Sweet
Aug   The Great Divorce             C.S. Lewis
Sep   Crazy Love                    Francis Chan
Oct   Christianity Beyond Belief    Todd D. Hunter
Dec   After You Believe             N.T. Wright

2012 Books
Jan   Counterfeit Gods              Tim Keller
Feb   A Praying Life                Paul Miller
Mar   The Call                      Os Guiness
Apr   The Beautiful Fight           Gary L. Thomas
May   The Pursuit of God            A.W. Tozer
Jun   A Better Country              Daniel Schaeffer
Jul   Metamorpha                    Kyle Strobel
Aug   Living Into The Life of Jesus Klaus Issler
Sep   The Good and Beautiful God    James Bryan Smith
Oct   The Irresistible Revolution   Shane Claiborne 
Nov   Mere Christianity             C.S. Lewis

2013 Books
Feb   You Can Change                Tim Chester
Mar   Forgotten God                 Francis Chan
Apr   Praying Backwards             Brian Chapell
May   The Hole in our Holiness      Kevin DeYoung
Jun   Follow                        Floyd McClung 
Sep   The Jesus Creed               Scot McNight
Oct   Not a Fan                     Kyle Idleman
Dec   Gospel Centered Discipleship  Jonathan Dodson

2014 Books
Jan   Love Does                     Bob Goff
Feb   Radical                       David Platt
Mar   Art of Prayer                 Timothy Jones
Apr   Gods at War                   Kyle Idleman
May   The One True Thing            Howard Baker
Jun   The Great Omission            Dallas Willard
Jul   Community                     Brad House
Aug   The Grand Weaver              Ravi Zacharias
Sep   Who Is This Man               John Ortberg
Oct   The Four Loves                C.S. Lewis
Nov   Things Unseen                 Mark Buchanan

2015 Books
Jan   Love Walked Among Us          Paul Miller
Feb   Spiritual Rhythm              Mark Buchanan
Mar   Room of Marvels               James Bryan Smith
Apr   Ordinary: Sustainable Faith   Michael S. Horton
Jun   Reason for God                Tim Keller
Jul   The Good and Beautiful Life   James Bryan Smith
Aug   The God I Don't Understand    Chris Wright
Sep   How People Change             Paul David Tripp/Timothy S. Lane
Oct   Hidden in Plain Sight         Mark Buchanan
Nov   AHA                           Kyle Idleman

2016 Books
Jan   Prayer                        Tim Keller
Feb   Heaven is a Place on Earth    Michael E. Wittmer
Mar   The Screwtape Letters         C.S. Lewis
Apr   Beautiful Outlaw              John Eldredge
Jun   The Rest of God               Mark Buchanan
Aug   Eternity                      Joseph Stowell
Sep   Teach Us to Want              Jen Pollack Michel
Oct   Habits of Grace               David Mathis
Nov   The Things of Earth           Joe Rigney